My Message To P.M Modi

Dear Prime Minister,
Indian Govt.

Religion is a big hurdle obstructing the growth of human knowledge and morality, I want from the PM of my Countrty to popularize scientific knowledge and rationalist thinking in the country to eradicate the superstitions …
And moreover,India is a secular country ,and you are always in the figure of Hindutva and all your followers in the social media are always abusing non-Hindus especially Muslims with valgure words …
Can you do any deeds above the caste,religion and Superstitions…
And the important one ( relative to Education Minister) is to maintion the works of rationalists like Narendra Dhabholkar,Narendra Nayak and Sanal Edemruku and many more in the textbook of Govenment and Non-Govt. publications…

-Sikandar Kumar Mehta


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