Interview of Arvind Kejiwal By Sagar Vishnoi

By Sagar Vishnoi:


Being Arvind Kejriwal’s intern (over research on Governance), I love meeting with and talking to the man who tried to change Indian politics, had a fall and is standing up again.
I received a mail last Wednesday at 6 PM titled “Movie with AK” .
I rushed to the venue, and the movie had already started in the
auditorium. When I entered,
Sushmita was dancing to “Shakalaka baby” , yes, the movie ‘Nayak’ .
Although I felt a bit disappointed, as I was expecting some other documentary or movie, it was quite inspiring compared to other Bollywood movies. While I was enjoying the experience with other interns, Arvind arrived 1 hour before the climax. After the movie ended, we went out for dinner where I caught up with the Delhi Ex-CM Arvind Kejriwal who was surrounded by people, talking while having his lachcha paranthas along with matar
paneer, for a 15 minute interview about Delhi Dialogue and some other not-so-political things.
Here’s the brief conversation that ensued:
Sagar : Have you seen ‘Nayak’ before?
AK: Yes, I have seen it.
Sagar: Don’t you think there is a
similarity between the lead character
and you? People even say that
you’re trying to copy Shivaji Rao.
AK(laughing): Many people come to me and say this, but the lives of fictional characters and real people can be totally different. People link me with it because a struggle, challenging the established politics, and striving for an ideal government, is shown in the movie. What do you think – don’t you want an ideal government? (smiling)
Sagar: What is Delhi Dialogue all
AK: We want to make Delhi a world class city. We want Delhi to become a benchmark for the world. Despite being the capital of India, Delhi lacks some very basic facilities.
About 50% of Delhi lacks proper
water and sewer connections. Public hospitals and govt. schools are in poor condition, the industrial areas have poor infrastructure, there’s lack
of safety for women, few good
colleges and scarcity of jobs. The
Congress was involved in various
scams for 15 years, the inefficiency of the MCD, led by BJP, is well known.
Now, we have identified key areas, which we must address. We will hold roundtable conferences with experts
and citizens to formulate a blueprint and review it. We will organize Jan-sabhas related to the 12 focus areas
– Youth, women, traders, education,
health, unauthorized colonies, land-housing, sanitation, rural Delhi, social justice, water-electricity and transportation.
Sagar: What is this Youth dialogue offering to the youth?
AK: We are presenting a five point policy for creation of 8 lakh jobs including incubation centers, promotion of higher education, enhancing sports facilities, providing free Wi-Fi infrastructure (for education, communication, technology, governance) and a drug- free Delhi.
Sagar : You are promising too many things. Are they practical? And where is Janlokpal bill in this blueprint ?
AK: Yes, all promises are practical.
We have come out with these
policies after extensive deliberations, research and calculations.
A dedicated team which includes
Adarsh Shastri (strategic department– Apple),
Meera Sanyal (Ex-CEO, RBS)
and Ashis Khaitan, has been
working on it. People have
experienced that whatever promises we made last year, we completed them all in 49 days government.
So, these are very practical promises for a vision we are creating for Delhi.
Regarding, Janlokpal and Swaraj Bill, these two are on priority for us. We resigned on these two issues, why wouldn’t we include them in the
Sagar: Isn’t this your strategy to
bring back middle class votes which got diverted after you left the government?
AK: Why only middle class? These 12 focus issues will cover every issue and problem that the citizens are facing as a community, class etc..
Moreover, we are crowdsourcing
solutions and feedback through
citizen participation. No point of
serving only to a particular class.
Sagar: Alright, don’t you feel
insulted by the jokes and trolls on you making rounds on social media?
Ak: No, rather I liked and even re-tweeted one of the videos
called “Dharna dance” made by
someone earlier this year.
Nowadays, a new joke is going viral where PM Modi ji is holding a broom and cleaning , “Jhaadu pe butto
dabayen”  is written below.
Sagar: How did you feel when in one of the programmes by some media house, the Delhi Police commissioner recited a viral troll poem on you?
Why didn’t you react?
AK: Why should I have reacted?
Things could have gotten worse had I done so. I am trying to control my anger through meditation since the last few years.
Sagar: Thanks for the interview, and all the best for Delhi Dialogue.
AK: Thanks. I hope you will also
contribute in making Delhi better.
Source, Click here

Sikandar Kumar Mehta

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