Worldviews and Opinions of Scientists in India

Sikandar Kumar Mehta
In 2007, a survey was conducted by the Institute for the Study of Secularism in Society and Culture of the Trinity College with the help ofCenter for Inquiry (India) called “World views and Opinions of Scientists in India”.
1100 scientists surveyed from 130 institutes.
24% admitted to believing that holy-men can perform miracles and 38% believed that God could perform miracles. 50% believed homoeopathy to be effective and 49% believed in the effectiveness of prayers.
Whereas belief in faith healing was 16%, in Vaastu it was 14%, and in astrology it stood at 14%. 31% strongly disapproved introduction of astrology courses in universities. 33% strongly disapproved the tradition of seeking blessings of Tirupati before rocket launches. However, a majority of them agreed that the aim of development of scientific temper, which is a fundamental duty according to the Constitution’s Article 51A (h), is not being fulfilled.
Y. S. Rajan commented on this saying that most Indians don’t feel there is adichotomy between science and spirituality.
Other the hand,Innaiah Narisetti, chairman of Center for Inquiry (India) and Pushpa Bhargava, the former director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, pointed out the lack of scientific temper among Indian scientists.
Source –
Superstition in India

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