Suggest Me Please !!

Are you familiar with the man Prem Rawat (प्रेम रावत) ?


Prem Rawat

For detail click on and his humanity work on
He is worldwide famous speaker on the subject peace called as Maharaji and regarded as theMessenger of Peace”.His message is listened by the people of all religion from 90 countries and in 70 languages.He always says there is a God inside our heart ..But he denise the temple,mosque and ..
I think he is an agnostic (not sure about agnosticism ) but  he says it’s not the matter of debate on God.
..My whole families are nonreligious and are the disciple of him and they wanted from me to go in this direction but not in pressure .
In the beginning, I was attracted  to listen his programs because he used to say God is not found in temple, mosque or what we atheist say besides God is not found.
On the subject God he says it is in every heart and we have to find out.

Is it right to spend whole life in it ?
Don’t leave it on my choice !

सिकन्दर कुमार मेहता
Sikandar Kumar Mehta

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