7 Reasons Why India Really Needs The Anti-Superstition Bill Right Now!

This is a guest post by Kunal Anand originally posted in India Times

India currently practices two school of superstitions – pointless and pure evil. Everyone knows the pointless kind – don’t cut your nails after dark, the whole black cat crossing your path thing and more. Then there’s the the dark kind. So dark it’s called black magic and requires blood and men chanting gibberish.
The Newsminute reported that a man got burnt badly on May 3 while taking part in a fire-walking ceremony. Another was burned last month. April also saw the beheading of two Dalit men, allegedly for a ritual sacrifice. That’sthe kind of stuff that the Anti-Superstition Bill can crack down on, provided the current government stops playing around and faces this evil head on.
How evil is superstition, you still ask ?

Tantriks are molesting women

A quick Google search showed me multiple stories of tantriks (practitioners of the dark arts, or sothey claim) raping or molesting women in the last 4 years.  These guys are sick – they’re attempting to harass girls as young as 10! They lure them to an isolated place by claiming they’ll perform puja in private with the victim, and then attack.

They’re robbing people


All those goofy ads to sell you a protection ‘kavach’ against ‘Shani’ aren’t as benevolent as you’d imagine. This stuff is most probablymade in China (or sweatshop in UP),shipped wholesale, and pimped outin the name of religion to people who are afraid of everything. And for every 10,000 skeptics, there’s atleast one guy who’s going to assume that a piece of plastic and metal bought online can save him.If the salesman of these trinkets can pay rates that between Rs 5,000-15,000 for a 20 minutes slot everyday, they’re clearly rolling in money.

Kids are being hurt, or even

In the name of sacrifice, tantriks are killing kids. In July last year, IBN Live reported the death of a 4 year old boy, allegedly sacrificed bythe parents of another ailing child for his quick recovery.
The Jagran has reported another practice where babies are dropped from a 50 feet high tower, and caught by crowds in Baba Umer Dargah near Sholapur, Maharashtra,and Sri Santeswar temple in Karnataka. In October 2011, a 7 year old was reportedly sacrificed inside a BSF camp in Meghalaya, and his body cut open, with incensesticks shoved into his skull.
People are going to occult healers instead of doctors



Most of India’s major religions are guilty of this.

Here’s just one incident from hundreds  – last year a 22 year old cancer patient died, because her parents took her to tantriks instead of doctors – the TOI reported. The tantriks blamed evil spirits (like they always do). In November last year, she was diagnosed with the last stage of brain cancer.
Among superstitious Muslims, it is common to apply a ‘taveez’ on someone unwell, instead of going to the doctor. 


And the concept of big ticket Christian faith healers like Benny Hinn, who often demonstrate healing people by touching them, isalso finding traction in India.

Superstition leads to dangerous practices


There’s a fine line between dangerous superstition and just faith. People let cows trample themselves in the name of religion in Bhiwdawad village, and the BJP iscurrently obsessed with making cow urine into our national beverage, though it might be dangerous

Women are being killed in the name of witch hunting


In the name of witch hunting, villagers are:
i. Killing widows or unmarried women so can acquire their land.
ii. Killing women as punishment if their husband suddenly died, accusing them of witchcraft.
iii. Killing women for other reasons of revenge, including blaming themfor crop failure.
According to National Crime Records Bureau data, 2,097 murders were committed between 2000 and 2012 driven by the intentof witch hunting. Witch hunting is very much active in Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Orissa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Assam and Bihar, and is also common among minority communities. Last year, Indian athlete Debjani Bora was branded a witch, and beaten severely, after 4 people in her village (Karbi Anglong, Assam state) died.

Birds and animals are also victims of superstition


flickr lipke

Here’s just two examples of how black magic is killing the ecosystem.
India’s owl population soon might be endangered, because witchcraft quacks are buying owls and their carcasses for occult practices. 
A report by the World Wildlife Fund and International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has shown that owls are being caught, dead or alive, and being traded, so that their parts (skull, feathers, blood, meat and bones) can be usedin black magic ceremonies.

If any of you guys actually believe in tantriks, watch this. It’s a tantrik’schallenge to kill someone using his magic – which obviously failed. Pretty
hilarious, though.

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पाप का गुरु

एक पंडित जी कई वर्षों तक काशी में शास्त्रों का अध्ययन करने के बाद अपने गांव लौटे।

गांव के एक किसान ने उनसे पूछा, पंडित जी आप हमें यह बताइए कि पाप का गुरु कौन है? प्रश्न सुन कर पंडित जी चकरा गए, क्योंकि भौतिक व आध्यात्मिक गुरु तो होते हैं, लेकिन पाप का भी गुरु होता है, यह उनकी समझ और अध्ययन के बाहर था। पंडित जी को लगा कि उनका अध्ययन अभी अधूरा है,इसलिए वे फिर काशी लौटे। फिर अनेक गुरुओं से मिले। मगर उन्हें किसान के सवाल का जवाब नहीं मिला।

अचानक एक दिन उनकी मुलाकात एक वेश्या से हो गई। उसने पंडित जी से उनकी परेशानी का कारण पूछा,तो उन्होंने अपनी समस्या बता दी।वेश्या बोली, पंडित जी..! इसका उत्तर है तो बहुत ही आसान, लेकिन इसके लिए कुछ दिन आपको मेरे पड़ोस में रहना होगा। पंडित जी के हां कहने पर उसने अपने पास ही उनके रहने की अलग से व्यवस्था कर दी। पंडित जी किसी के हाथ का बना खाना नहीं खाते थे, नियम-आचार और धर्म के कट्टर अनुयायी थे। इसलिए अपने हाथ से खाना बनाते और खाते। इस प्रकार से कुछ दिन बड़े आराम से बीते, लेकिन सवाल का जवाब अभी नहीं मिला।

एक दिन वेश्या बोली, पंडित जी…! आपको बहुत तकलीफ होती है खाना बनाने में। यहां देखने वाला तो और कोई है नहीं। आप कहें तो मैं नहा-धोकर आपके लिए कुछ भोजन तैयार कर दिया करूं। आप मुझे यह सेवा का मौका दें, तो मैं दक्षिणामें पांच स्वर्ण मुद्राएं भी प्रतिदिन दूंगी।स्वर्ण मुद्रा का नाम सुन कर पंडित जी को लोभ आ गया। साथ में पका-पकाया भोजन। अर्थात दोनों हाथों में लड्डू। इस लोभ में पंडित जी अपना नियम-व्रत, आचार-विचार धर्म सब कुछ भूल गए। पंडित जी ने हामी भर दी और वेश्या से बोले, ठीक है, तुम्हारी जैसी इच्छा। लेकिन इस बात का विशेष ध्यान रखना कि कोई देखे नहीं तुम्हें मेरी कोठी में आते-जाते हुए।
वेश्या ने पहले ही दिन कई प्रकार के पकवान बनाकर पंडित जी के सामने परोस दिया। पर ज्यों ही पंडित जी खाने को तत्पर हुए, त्यों ही वेश्या ने उनके सामने से परोसी हुई थाली खींच ली। इस पर पंडित जी क्रुद्ध हो गए और बोले, यह क्या मजाक है? वेश्या ने कहा, यह मजाक नहीं है पंडित जी, यह तो आपके प्रश्न का उत्तर है।यहां आने से पहले आप भोजन तो दूर, किसी के हाथ का भी नहीं पीते थे,मगर स्वर्ण मुद्राओं के लोभ में आपने मेरे हाथ का बना खाना भी स्वीकार कर लिया।
यह लोभ ही पाप का गुरु है।

Sikandar Kumar Mehta

10 Reasons To Make Masturbation Part Of Your Wellness Routine


Everyone masturbates,right? Or do they ? And why is it so embarrassing to talk about ? Should we be doing it more ? Well, here are my answers:
yes, everyone masturbates. But yes, we should also be doing it more.
According to Indiana University’s National Survey Of Sexual Health And Behavior, more than half of American adults reportmasturbation between one and four times a week.
Men masturbate more frequently than women do, and it’s time to change that.
Through working with thousands of women as a health coach (in addition to my own person experience), masturbation has been both an uncomfortable topic to talk about — while also being a powerful healing technique. It’s time to finally embrace it.Masturbation has gotten a bad reputation, mainly because religionand culture tell us it’s a sin.
The Bible doesn’t explicitly talk about masturbation, although there is some stern warning against “spillingyour seed on the ground.” The Catholic Church decided that masturbation (sometimes referred to as “onanism” after Onin, a Biblical character) was a sin deserving of eternal damnation.
By the time World War I came around, onanism was being called “self-abuse” and described in medical texts as more dangerous to young boys than lying or stealing. Girls and women aren’t even mentioned, as if “the fairer sex” couldn’t even possibly do something so dirty.So it stands to reason that most of us would feel some traces of shame, guilt, or even fear when practicing this very natural act.
But take heart from the animal world and modern science! Dozens of mammal, bird, and insect species have been documented to masturbate in captivity and in the wild. From penguins, to dolphins, horses, and even porcupines, mother nature has no judgment when it comes to wrapping your hand, wing, or fin, around your ownpersonal magic wand.

In honor of National Masturbation Month, here are ten great reasons that masturbation should be an essential part of your wellness and self-care routine:

1. You’ll get a healthy dose of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

According to the 2009 University of Michigan study, orgasms cause the body to release dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, the “love and bonding” hormone.The boost of these hormones in turn lowerscortisol, a main stress hormone. Chronically elevated cortisol levels lead to inflammation, stress-eating, insomnia, and weight loss resistance. This means your pleasure-powered work outs will more easily lead to a toned body.

2. You won’t get as many junk-food cravings.

Higher levels of oxytocin makes us feel happier, which keeps thoseemotionally-triggered food cravingsfor sugars, cheese, and other “comfort foods” at bay. Oxytocin levels are usually increased simply through the physical stimulation of the clitoris, vagina, cervix, and breasts. So even if you don’t reach climax, you’ll still release this powerful neurotransmitter.

3. For men, frequent masturbation improves sperm quality.

Why? There is less DNA damage and motility problems with fresh sperm.

4. Pleasure is physiologically relaxing, which has a positive effecton the microbiome.

The gut and the mind are inextricably linked. In my book Women, Food, And Desire, I tell the story of a client who wasn’t dating, and wasn’t masturbating. She had been suffering from bloating, gas, and a frustrating”muffin top” that wouldn’t budge for years. I took her to Babeland, a clean, well-lit sex store, and we spoke with a knowledgeable staff member who helped her pick out her first nontoxic vibrator.
After a couple of weeks of self-exploration, and regular self-pleasure, she noticed a marked difference in her digestion, and her bloating had reduced greatly.

5. Women who masturbate regularly are more likely to feel positively about their body.

This, unsurprisingly, leads to higher confidence, and a positive upward spiral of self-care. When you know what you need to bring yourself pleasure and orgasm, you strengthen your emotional intelligence and connection to your body.Knowing how your body works, and what you’re capable, regardless of your relationship status, helps you make better decisions and stronger boundaries about dating and mating. When you can bring yourself physical pleasure, you don’t need someone else to validate that you’re sexy. You know it.

6. Daydreaming kicks life up a notch.

Another study reveals that sexy daydreams release testosterone in women, which means that when you read erotic fiction, or watch anykind of porn that excites you, your body will begin anticipating encounter, which naturally raises your libido and quite literally gets your juices flowing.

7. You will feel less pain.

Really.Orgasms (and to a lesser extent simple sexual arousal) increase blood flow to both your brain and reproductive organs, which helps soothe menstrual cramps and headaches.

8. Sexual pleasure brings you.in the present moment.

Sexual pleasure is a great way to clear your mind of ruminating and excessivea nxiety. It brings you to the present moment, kind of like meditating! But if sitting on a meditation cushion isn’t doing it foryou, grab your bottle of lube.The physical release doubles as stress relief, and can be a great wayto get in touch with your body and out of your head. Being in the moment, and focusing on what feels physically good to you, is a wonderful intentional practice with many benefits.

9. You can keep your sex life alive and kickin’—no matter what.

Especially if you’re single, or in a long-distance relationship, masturbation is a great way to help your sexual energy stay alive. Self-stimulating keeps your reproductive tissues flexible, strong, and healthy. The more solo-sex you have, the more you’ll want because your brain is thinking about sex more often. This is really helpful for couples who are separated or for the single person who wants to present the best version of themselves while dating.

10. It feels awesome!

And we all need more pleasure in our lives, am I right ? So join me and thousands of others as we celebration the 20th anniversary of National Masturbation Month !

Author – Alexandra Jamieson
Photo Credit:Stocksy

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