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7 Reasons Why India Really Needs The Anti-Superstition Bill Right Now!

This is a guest post by Kunal Anand originally posted in India Times India currently practices two school of superstitions – pointless and pure evil. Everyone knows the pointless kind – don’t cut your nails after dark, the whole black … Continue reading

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पाप का गुरु

एक पंडित जी कई वर्षों तक काशी में शास्त्रों का अध्ययन करने के बाद अपने गांव लौटे। गांव के एक किसान ने उनसे पूछा, पंडित जी आप हमें यह बताइए कि पाप का गुरु कौन है? प्रश्न सुन कर पंडित … Continue reading

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10 Reasons To Make Masturbation Part Of Your Wellness Routine

Everyone masturbates,right? Or do they ? And why is it so embarrassing to talk about ? Should we be doing it more ? Well, here are my answers: yes, everyone masturbates. But yes, we should also be doing it more. … Continue reading

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