17 hilarious April fool pranks you can’t afford to miss


Happy April Fool Day
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There are many of us who are desperately waiting for April 1 and want to taste the satisfaction of some successful pranks. Who doesn’t wants to witness that priceless reaction just after the prank? So here are some hilarious pranks to rule this April Fools day:

For Your Family :

1.Put some hot chilli sauce on toothbrush then wash it off after some time. Put it back and be ready to see their reaction.

1.Put Vaseline all around the toilet seat and give a midnight surprise to your family.

1.Grab the phone of your husband and change the language settings to a foreign language and watch him learn the new language.

1.Paint a soap bar with transparent nail paint and let them struggle with it forever.

1.Use your best acting skills to scare your kid. Act as if you’ve got the call of principal of the school and his/her complaint is made to you.

1.Put sprite in all the water bottles at dinner table.

1.Change alarm clock ringtone to national anthem

1.Tell some gadget enthusiastic member of your family that you have brought them an iPad (if they don’t have one).

For Your Friends and Colleagues :

1.Open computers of your colleague, screen print the desktop, set this image as desktop background and hide all the icons of desktop. Have fun!

1.Exchange the drawer items and let them find theirs.

1.Conference call two of your friends and don’t utter a single world.

1.Place a house for rent/sale Ad in quicker giving your friend’s number.

1.If you’re a boss, seriously tell your best employee that you don’t need him/her anymore . .. Fire him and enjoy the expression.

1.Create a fake shaadi.com profile for your friend.

1.Change your roommate’s or sibling’s ringtone to Arnab Goswami debate, hide the phone somewhere and keep calling continuously.

1.Park your car in a busy lane and make it a dancing car of PK to amuse the world.

1.April Fool! Ha ha ha ha. Do none of them. Do you think we are sitting here to give you such stupid advices?
Lol. You need to take this piece of advice seriously . . .

Credit : allaboutwomen.in

Brought to you By : Sikandar Kumar Mehta

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