God Doesn’t Exist. Here’s why

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Theists often ask me for proof that God doesn’t exist. As if that’s my claim or even a relevant question from an epistemological perspective.

One of my favorite memes when theists ask for proof there's no god.

This is one of my favorite memes for such instances because it attempts to highlight the absurdity of their request. As Bertrand Russell showed with his celestial teapot thought experiment , it’s not possible to falsify an unfalsifiable claim. Still, some particularly stubborn believers chose to focus on the choice of a unicorn rather than the logical failure it demonstrates.

So let’s set formal epistemology aside. These people clearly aren’t asking for an epistemological demonstration of an unfalsifiable assertion. Let’s just stick with colloquial usage. Consider the following simple questions:

*.Do fairies exist?
*.Do zombies exist?
*.Do elves exist?
*.Do vampires exist?
*.Do unicorns exist?

Most people have no problem answering these questions with a flat “no.”  (I offer several in case you answer “yes” to one of them.) The basis for that “no” is the fact that there’s no convincing evidence that one of these creatures exists and absent that evidence, it’s almost certain that they don’t actually exist.
From this point, it’s pretty darn simple:

God has all the same evidence as fairies, zombies, elves, vampires, and unicorns.

Most people say no to any or all ofthose mythological creatures above. I say “No” to the question of god for the exact same reason.
Does this mean I’m actively opposing evidence for god or spiritually blind ? Not at all. I engage with discussions online openly and honestly looking for someone — anyone with:

*.A clear definition of what their God is
*.A reasonable explanation of how they know it’s real

Unfortunately, many people just get mad that I have the nerve to ask hard questions and challenge fallacious responses. But my interest in knowledge and  truth is sincere. That’s why I had the courage to question Christianity and discover that my basis for belief was untenable.
Credit : AtheistEngineer.com

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