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हम बंदरो की जात हैं, बन्दर बने रहें।
अच्छा हो अपनी खाल के अन्दर बने रहें।
बन्दर की जान जान है, हर जान की तरह।
बन्दर का खून गरम है, इन्सान की तरह।
बाहें वही, सीना वही, सिर में वही दिमाग।
बन्दर की आन बान है, हनुमान की तरह।
हर दिल में उस माहन के मंदिर बने रहें।
हम बंदरों की जात ……
नंगा नहीं वह पैंट या सलवार के बिना।
ढकी है शर्म पत्ते की दरकार के बिना।
काजल नहीं, बिंदी नहीं, गहना नहीं कोई।
है खूबसूरत किसी भी श्रृंगार के बिना।
हम भी उसी के रूप में सुन्दर बने रहें।
हम बंदरों की जात ……
रहता नहीं बन्दर कभी परिवार के बिना
बन्दर समाज है मगर सरकार के बिना।
डंडा नहीं, थाना नहीं, न कोर्ट है, न जेल।
झगड़े मिटाए जाते हैं तलवार के बिना।
ऐसे ही हम भी मस्त कलंदर बने रहें।
हम बंदरों की जात …..
बन्दर सभी किसान हों, बन्दर जवान हों।
बन्दर सभी हों मंतरी, बन्दर प्रधान हों।
अफसर सभी, बाबु सभी, मजदूर भी सभी।
सारा जहान आज से बन्दरस्तान हो।
धरती पर आसमान के चंदर बने रहें।
हम बंदरों की जात ….
हिन्दू न हो, न सिख, न कोई मुसलमान हो।
न हिन्दी, चीनी, पाकी अपनी पहचान हो।
बन्दर की पूंछ चूम कर खाएं कसम सभी
‘बन्दर का सहज धरम ही अपना ईमान हो’
बन्दर थे हम, बन्दर हैं हम, बन्दर बने रहें।
हम बंदरों की जात हैं, बन्दर बने रहें।
अच्छा हो अपनी खाल के अन्दर बने रहें।

– बलदेव राज दावर, 2012

प्रस्तुतकर्ता- सिकन्दर कुमार मेहता

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Story of an Indian Atheist

I’m a 22 year old student from Pune. I hope you read my storypatiently.One fine day, me & my dearest friend, Shoeb
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I’m a 22 year old student from Pune. I hope you read my story patiently.One fine day, me & my dearest friend, Shoeb, were discussing about child marriages, and how they are affecting our society, as we had seen many in our neighbourhood.
He told me that according to him, “Child marriages are better, it ceases the possibility of a girl having love affairs, keeping her safe from ‘other men'”, and stated other reasons which were just too disgusting to write/mention here.He said that in the past, girls used to reach puberty as early as 10. His opinions just blew my mind. I stood up angrily cursing his mentality right when he said, ” When our prophet Mohammad was 51+ yrs old , he married a 9yr old girl Aisha, and had physical relations with her when she was 11.”
He added,”In that time it was ok. Now people just think too much.”I was shocked, stunned and speechless at the same time. I walked away angrily without replying to him, too many things were running in my mind, but first, I decided to find out if what he was saying was the truth.
I went home, googled about Mohammad’s wife Aisha. Found that my friend told the truth. But I didn’t fully trust the internet, and went deeper, as I wondered how could millions of muslims believe in a pedophile. It was not easy to accept. So, I bought a copy of holy book of Quran in  English, Hindi, and Marathi translation.The Quran was the worst thing I had ever read.
Indeed Aisha was justa little girl when married to the 54 yrs old Mohammad. It took me more than 3 months to study Islam and reach the answer which was as disturbing as its question.I wondered how could people believe in this person as a messenger of God. 
I decided to spread the truth and wrote a post on facebook about it, with heading ‘Mohammad raped Aisha’ along with verse numbers proving my allegations.                       Muslim friends of mine started commenting on it, with 90% of them being abusive, which was expected.It was the next day, 30th March, 2015, when I was arrested by police. In the police station,I saw Shoeb sitting there. He had filed the complaint against me. Police had arrested me under IPC section 295A, calling it a case of Blasphemy. I got out on bail after 52 hours ( 2 days) of police torture.A few hindu policemen beating up a buddhist guy on complaint of a muslim, showed the level of secularism my small town had developed.I am still fighting the case. Now to save myself from jail, I will have to prove in court that Mohammad was a pedophile who raped Aisha.
That I will prove for sure.And now, I’ve decided never to stop writing.
Jail me or murder me, I’ll keep on saying the truth….Until my last breath.Get ready my brothers & sisters, Atheist Revolution is on it’s way.

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Rape Dead Muslim Women – Yogi Adityanath

This is a chilling documentary on the pogrom of a section of Hindus, lead by Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhpur, to radicalize Hindus in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP).


” Saffron War – Radicalization of Hinduism”
U can c Adityanath on stagespeaker asks to rape muslim women by taking them out of graves Hindu Yuva Vahini stage in Siddharth Nagar and full of hatred. Hate speech from Yogi Aditanaths stage against muslims in Siddharth Nagar.

About Documentary:
This is a chilling documentary on the pogrom of a section of Hindus, lead by Yogi Adityanath of Gorakhpur, to radicalize Hindus in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP). The land of Buddha, Kabir and Baba Gorakh who preached and practiced compassion and unity, has been turned into a training ground for saffron terrorism while the problems of the basic needs of the common masses is conveniently suppressed.

The result — even the dalits, oppressed by high caste Hindus for many millennia, are buying into the Hindutva agenda while the extremist section of the Muslim community get an excuse for their extremism. The Hindus who believe in this nonsense must be the dumbest people on earth, who despite being in majority, fear a minority community fuelled as they are by opportunists yogis and mahants hungry for power, finding ways and means for violence against them, not realizing how it will hit them back, worse, the entire nation. There is enough evidence in this video to charge cases of sedition and war against the nation against many of these fanatical Hindu religious leaders. It’s time the administration, police and the courts of India act against Hindutva terrorism before UP turns to another Gujarat and India is consumed by a civil war.

Courtesy : atheist.in

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