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Atheist : Origin of Species

Follow Tweets By @1manatheist Nick Spencer ( Atheists: The Origin of the Species ) doesn’t believe the standard creation myths about atheism. According to the standard account, atheism is the produce of reason and science: “men began to work the … Continue reading

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अंधविश्वास ! लाल पैन से लिखते ही होगी मौत

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist लाइफस्टाइल: हर देश की अपनी मान्यताएं और परंपराएं होती हैं। कहीं पर बिल्ली के रास्ता काटने को अशुभ माना जाता है तो कहीं पर किसी रंग को अच्छा नहीं समझा जाता। आज हम जिस अंधविश्वास की … Continue reading

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Meet The Man Who Is Fighting The Superstitions In The Society And Trying To Bring Rationality

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist Narendra Nayak is a well-known rationalist, intellectual, and Godman debunker from Mangalore, Karnataka. He is the current president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Association (FIRA) . He conducts workshops around the country to promote scientific … Continue reading

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[कविता] : धर्म

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist नफरत हिंसा द्वेष घृणा का ढूंढा तो आधार धर्म । जितना खून बहा है जग में उसका भी आधार धर्म । विश्व विवादों की जा जड़ में देखा तो आधार धर्म । भूख गरीबी और शोषण … Continue reading

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11 New Year’s Eve Superstitions You Probably Do Each YearThe fun and strange customs we do every year

​(Image: Follow Tweets by @1manatheist New Year’s Eve is a time of reflection and celebration. This is also the time when we tend to engage in age-old traditions and rituals, regardless of whether we consider ourselves to be superstitious … Continue reading

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