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What is Atheism Really All About?

Follow Tweets By @1manatheist Atheism is something that is becoming more common these days. In a world in which many people need to find something to believe in, atheism is becoming popular. There is increasing pressure in today’s world for … Continue reading

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17 Kinds of Atheism

Follow Tweets by 1manatheist ‘Atheism’ is a much simpler concept than ‘Christianity’ or ‘Hinduism’, but the word atheism is still used in a wide variety of ways. This can cause confusion. Someone may announce that she is an atheist, and … Continue reading

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Hawking: ‘I’m an atheist, science is more convincing than God’

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist The world’s preeminent theoretical physicist has explicitly acknowledged for the first time that he is an atheist, explaining that “science offers a more convincing explanation” of the origins of the universe than ‘God.’ In an article … Continue reading

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Atheist : Origin of Species

Follow Tweets By @1manatheist Nick Spencer ( Atheists: The Origin of the Species ) doesn’t believe the standard creation myths about atheism. According to the standard account, atheism is the produce of reason and science: “men began to work the … Continue reading

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Meet The Man Who Is Fighting The Superstitions In The Society And Trying To Bring Rationality

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist Narendra Nayak is a well-known rationalist, intellectual, and Godman debunker from Mangalore, Karnataka. He is the current president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Association (FIRA) . He conducts workshops around the country to promote scientific … Continue reading

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[कविता] : धर्म

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist नफरत हिंसा द्वेष घृणा का ढूंढा तो आधार धर्म । जितना खून बहा है जग में उसका भी आधार धर्म । विश्व विवादों की जा जड़ में देखा तो आधार धर्म । भूख गरीबी और शोषण … Continue reading

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Religious Instruction Has No Place In The Education State

‘Most reasonable people ..would see a place in the school curriculum for ‘generous religious education’. Photo: Reuters The promise from  new Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to make Victoria the”education state” is  welcome and timely. But one aspect of education that … Continue reading

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