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The word God is the product of human weakness

The word God is the product of human weakness In January of 1954, just a year before his death, Albert Einstein wrote the following letter to philosopher Erik Gutkind after reading his book, “Choose Life: The Biblical Call to Revolt“, … Continue reading

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Hawking: ‘I’m an atheist, science is more convincing than God’

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist The world’s preeminent theoretical physicist has explicitly acknowledged for the first time that he is an atheist, explaining that “science offers a more convincing explanation” of the origins of the universe than ‘God.’ In an article … Continue reading

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[कविता] : धर्म

Follow Tweets by @1manatheist नफरत हिंसा द्वेष घृणा का ढूंढा तो आधार धर्म । जितना खून बहा है जग में उसका भी आधार धर्म । विश्व विवादों की जा जड़ में देखा तो आधार धर्म । भूख गरीबी और शोषण … Continue reading

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Blind Obedience (For An Insecure God)

Believe I am what I say I am simply because I say, “I am”! Do not question me. Never ask me why! Only…believe that I love you. And believe that I care. Believe that I know what’s best for you. … Continue reading

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The Guy Who Invented Religion

The Guy Who Invented Religion He said: I want a barrier To divide Different people Who stood side by side. I want hypocrisy And constant war. Common sense I want to ignore. I want exploitation, My voice to be heard … Continue reading

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Suggest Me Please !!

Are you familiar with the man Prem Rawat (प्रेम रावत) ? Prem Rawat For detail click on http://www.wopg.org and his humanity work on http://www.tprf.com He is worldwide famous speaker on the subject peace called as Maharaji and regarded as the … Continue reading

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